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Farkle – Fun Dice Game for Adults and Children

Farkle is a fun and dynamic dice game. It’s also very addictive. I have been playing this game since the 80s and it still teaches me how to play. It’s fun for adults and children. I think my 7-year-old grandson can play this more than me! I carry the bones in the glove compartment of my car so that they are ready when I need them. I also keep a set in our cabin to play quick games with flashlights.

Game Farkle or 10,000

Requirements:6 standard hex dice, paper and pen

Farkle is played by two or more players. In the case of this game, the more people, the more fun. Each player has a move to roll the dice one by one. Each player’s turn leads to one point, and the score for each player accumulates to a winning amount of 10,000. The first person who reaches 10,000 after each player has completed his last move wins the game.

To start the game, each player rolls a die to see who goes first. The largest number starts the game.

Each player rolls all six dice at the start of his turn.

One or more winning dice must be set aside at the end of each roll or the end of the roll.


The player can either finish his turn and accumulate the accumulated score, or continue to throw the remaining dice to try to improve his score and can also visit this page.

If a player has scored all six dice, he continues his turn with a new roll of all six dice and adds points that he has already accumulated this turn.

Player Farkles, if none of the dice do anything in the roll, and all points for this turn are lost. They do not lose the points already beaten on paper from previous rounds.

The dice are passed to the next player in the steering wheel show, after they finish their turn. The new player begins his turn.