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Planning to Buy a Used Car? Know Your Rights as a Buyer – Check This Out!

For some, buying a used car may be a little bit of risky. Because buyers are not usually protected by any law and that includes the Lemon Law.

To give you a short brief explanation, Lemon Law gives full protection to those buyers who bought new but used cars (such as defective and old models). It gives you the right to return the used car (the seller will give back the payment) as long it falls the situation to the following category:

  • The contract ends at least 12 months after the first date of the delivery
  • The purchased car reached at least 20,000km odometer after the delivery date

The Lemon Law gives you the right to complain within the time frame of 12months. Once the law has been implemented, you have the right to enjoy the following options:

  • The car dealer company will replace a similar vehicle close to its specifications and functions
  • You’ll have the rights to return the used vehicle to the car dealer and they’ll give back the price amount you had pay and other charges you’ve experience along the way.

Other charges indicate fees such as insurance, repairs, registration and so on. Please note, Lemon Law may vary depending on the state and country you’re living at.

Your Rights as a Used Car Buyer 

Like what was mentioned above, Lemon Law will not be your ultimate when you buy a used car. But don’t worry, there’s still another protection when you plan to purchase a used vehicle. One of this law is called Consumer Act Law, but be aware, this law is only applicable for some reputable car dealers and not to someone who sells their cars privately.

If you want to find a reliable and reputable car dealers, just simply type this phrase on your search engine “cars for sale near me” and the result that pops out on the first page are somewhat reliable, conduct research on their web page and check the other reviews to give you some peace of mind.

Since car dealers are required to follow the law, they make sure that every car they put on sales follow these:

  • Vehicles should look exactly as described in the advertisement post
  • Fit for the reason that it’s proposed for
  • At least fall on the satisfactory quality category

Please note that Consumer Act law may vary depending on the state and country you’re currently living at.

Things to Consider When Car Dealers Sell Used Vehicles 

According to the Consumer Act law, the car dealer company should make sure that the car they put up on sale must provide a detailed and accurate description. Any wrong and incomplete information such as not providing the real status of the car, hiding the most important information which includes mechanical issues and so on can be grounds to file a case against them.

In addition, when the car dealer sells their used vehicle, the said vehicle must be road-worthy and should be working well the same when it’s still brand new. Plus, the used car should meet a standard expectation of the following factors:

  • Value
  • Durability
  • Mileage
  • Make
  • History
  • Safety
  • Age
  • Description

If you have a used car with you and have the plan to upgrade your vehicle to a larger and bigger one, you can car exchange your used vehicles to car dealers. Click the linked word to find out more.