VIN Code database History

Have you been wondering whether there is online liberty, whereby you can freely visit sites such as Carfax and get the information about your car? Every information you need to about free sites you can access to get your car information are reviewed in this article.

The Foundation of VIN database 

Since 1981 when the vehicles companies started using 17 standard digits, 5 years later Carfax started gathering information regarding the titles brands from DMV and store it as VIN number.  Later after several years, With DMVs, Carfax had fetched data contacts from the entire 50 nations and could offer the vehicle the title brand on whichever vehicle. These also include the light tracks produced after the 1981 standardization of VIN.

Setting up regular reports

Later in the year 1992, Carfax set up a regular report from the entire DMV where federal government instructed the National-Motor-Vehicle-Title-Information-Services (NMVTIS) to create a database that already existed within Carfax. The command was not supported financially; thus its main agency which is recognized as DOJ didn’t have much to do with it.

Since less than 5 percent of the vehicles had the title brands, Carfax notices that there was not much to provide the customers unless they decide to offer more than the registration and title information. Therefore, the 20-year quest starts to find each piece of information available at VIN number level.

vin number

Carfax Continuous data growth 

The source counts of Carfax data continuously continue to develop from hundreds, thousands all the way to ten thousand. Carfax data growth success did not stop growing; it proceeds from thousands to millions all the ways to ten million. The NMVTIS remained unfunded government order year after year.

Carfax Collaboration with agencies of law enforcement

There is a history of cooperation between the law enforcement agency and Carfax in which already they’ve to solve problems. So, the DOJ had small incentive to duplicate every hard task Carfax had done already when they were giving out everything; they expect NMVTIS supposed to offer much more.

Since last year, still, NMVTIS was not getting regular weekly data feeds from the entire 50 DMV. However, they sign a contract with the dealers to create a vin number check available for consumers. The title check is the same as the Carfax product provided in 1992 when they possess several hundred data source.


Currently, Carfax provides data from more than 96,000 and consist of about 15 billion records in the database. There is a difference between the Carfax report and any of the VIN number check based on NMVITIS resellers.